Sardinia to Sicily

From The Perfect Storm to to paradise on the open seas.

Kukri left Carloforte on a lovely (day 5) morning ready for another passage across the Med to the home of the Sicilan Mafia. There were warnings of a further Gale Force 7 winds, for after once the island headland was cleared. “Force 7? The crew laughed”. The sun came out in patches and the wind decided not to blow as hard as expected. The novices amongst the crew took this opportunity to run through some of the RYA Competent Crew syllabus. The day passed with very little to report save a brilliant sunset and an equally impressive night time, the one downside was the necessity to motor due to lack of wind.
Day 6 dawned, with a great sunrise appearing through the silhouette of the yacht “goose-winging”; yet another new skill taught to the crew. As the sun rose the clear blue sky and warm weather brought all the crew onto the deck regardless of watch. In the afternoon, we were treated to a pair of dolphins playing off our starboard bow and rapidly the horrors of the previous stormy passage were hastily forgotten. That night Mark served up a gourmet steak complete with all the trimmings, and the crew settled into night routine contented after a relatively relaxed day.

An early arrival into Palermo with beautiful weather had the crew excited to be back on dry land and prospect of a decent wash, but not before Derrick and Micky’s breakfast: the mighty Kukri Burger. Beef, ham, cheese, fried onions, cheese, lettuce, tomato and ‘Micky’s Special Sauce (???)’. The land of the Godfather awaits the crew for a decent clean out and restock for our final stint to Malta.


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