La Coruña – Villamoura: Leg 1b sets off

Day 1 – Mon 23 Feb:  A sluggish morning with reveille at 1000hrs after a first night on Kukri; the first night never being the best, especially after a delayed flight out and a late finish in the restaurant.  Thankfully seven of the nine crew had all sailed together on Kukri for Sgt Stuart Southwick’s checkout in January so it didn’t take long to get everyone orientated to the yacht, watches organised and ‘abandon ship’ items allocated to people.  The bad weather is still running through but the morning of Tuesday 24th is presenting a window of opportunity to make a ‘run’ down to Bayona, 120 miles.

Highlight of the day was when practicing a man overboard drill (MOB) in La Corunna bay, a local mariner in a nearby RIB rushed across to the fender that we had thrown over to simulate the casualty, picked it up and brought it back to us; the quickest MOB recovery I have witnessed.

Day 2 – Tue 24 Feb:  Poor weather conditions today forced the decision not to sail to Bayona and remain in La Corunna.  Gusting 45 knot winds and 9m breaking waves definitely made the decision an easy one.  Plenty of coffee was therefore being drank in the local cafes and Capt Rob Weston was asked to conduct a live interview with a local radio station whilst enjoying a coffee in the marina cafe.  As well as plenty of coffee being drank, the boat’s crew have walked numerous miles discovering the the local area, with an unofficial AFT pass for Capt Mark Jones carrying his heavily packed North Face bag full of food shopping several miles across the city….NFTR

image1 image2 image3 image4


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